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Used Tyre Derived Stone Aggregate Replacement (UTDAR)

Tyre-derived stone aggregate is made by size reducing automotive tyres into uniform shreds as a sustainable and cheaper alternative to conventional infill such as virgin stone aggregate in civil engineering applications and landfill engineering applications.

This replacement product reduces carbon production during the extraction and production of traditional graded stone aggregate, it also reduces the impact of consumption of natural resources and provides a like for like product and at a much reduced cost to virgin stone aggregates.UTDAR maximises the full lifetime of the rubber as this product is produced and applied as a long life product.

Shreds of 200mm are used as drainage/leachate material within the landfill cell that allows any fluids produced to pass through and reach interceptors for separation. Shreds can also be used as permeable fill for infrastructure. Tyre-derived aggregate has 1/3 the weight of soil, drains 10 times better than soil, insulates 8 times better than stone and costs less than sand, gravel and stone.Anywhere gravel is used in engineering, chances are that tyre crumb can be used instead. Applications include: sub-layers for roadways, aggregate for drainage ditches, and highway embankment backfill. Tyre crumb can limit frost penetration, when used under roads in cold climates.