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Silage Clamp Sealing Rings

Our Silage Clamp Sealing Rings are a cleaner, easier and more efficient solution for sealing silage clamps/pits.

Manufactured from lorry tyre side walls, our rings are much easier handled, positioned and stored than car tyres making them a much better solution for sealing silage clamps.

Using old car tyres on silage pits is a dirty, labour intensive job that is becoming a thing of the past. Nets alone are not heavy enough for dry forages especially on the shoulders.

Lorry Tyres Sidewalls are the ideal solution apply in excess of 13 kg/m2. Whilst silage nets alone only typically apply less than 0.33 kg/m2 to the silage clamp surface.



Reducing waste and spoilage on silage pits is an easy way to improve dairy farm profitability. Silage is too valuable a resource to accept any avoidable waste.

Spoilage and top waste occurs as a result of ineffective fermentation caused by the presence of oxygen. This is often the result of inadequate or delayed sheeting.

The presence of oxygen within the silage pit delays fermentation which massively increases dry matter losses allowing the breakdown of protein, sugars and loss of feed value. It also allows the rapid production of yeasts, moulds and other spoilage organisms. The result on many pits is high dry matter losses, wasted silage, slime layers, mycotoxin contamination, aerobic instability and heating on the face in the top metre of the pit.

Our Silage Cover Sealing Rings provides a highly efficient solution for sealing sheeting on silage clamps. Each ring can be quickly positioned ensuring the clamp is exposed to oxygen for a shorter duration of time and provides 13kg of downward pressure per squared metre to prevent air pockets from appearing.

Covering silage sheets and protective silage nets with additional weights improves the feed value of the top layers of silage as well as reducing dry matter losses, spoilage and heating.


Advantages Of PPP Clamp Sealing Rings

  • Each ring applies 13kg of downward pressure.
  • Each ring covers 1m squared so a few go a long way.
  • Much easier and quicker positioned than car tyres (reduced labour).
  • Lorry side walls will not contain any water.
  • Can easily be stacked together for storage.
  • Much tidier on the silage pit.
  • Much more effective than silage nets alone.
  • Expected life of 40 – 50 years.
  • Reduced top waste and spoilage.



Our rings are sold in bundles of 25 rings for ease of handling and delivery.

Up to 2000 rings can be delivered in one lorry load with each load covering a 2000 m2 silage pit. Since bundles can easily be reloaded onto farm trailers, some farmers split loads with a neighbour.


Placing An Order

We manufacture our own rings but have limited stock each year. We have completely sold out of rings for the last few years. We recommend you do not leave it too late to place your order.

Please call us for more information or to place an order.