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How We Work

PPP Group believes a circular economy is essential for environmental sustainability. By transforming used tyres into a useful commodity, carbon emissions are reduced and the environmental benefits are achieved.

There are an increasing number of opportunities to use tyre-derived-materials, creating new opportunities and jobs for the regional market. PPP Group encourages consumers to make real recycling a habit as well as retailers, collectors and recyclers. Consumers and businesses can be confident that the tyres transferred to PPP Group will be processed in an environmentally friendly way and be re-fashioned into products that increase the real life cycle of the original materials.

Many people think of the circular economy as ‘just getting better at recycling’, though it goes much further than this.

It’s about manufactures designing and developing products that waste can be designed out of products and processes in the first place, or indeed re-used as a raw material for making new products.

Recycling is a necessary component of a circular economy, this is a basic premise of the waste hierarchy, which prioritises the most effective solutions to waste management. We believe the products we produce meet and exceed this principle.

So why don’t you give us a call to discuss what we can do for you and your company in contributing towards a circular economy. We can collect or receive your waste tyres at competitive prices, complete environmental compliance and peace of mind your waste is being treated in accordance with higher than industry standards.

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