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Full Recovery Process

Complete recycling of end of life tyres has been the main goal for PPP as we believe that the circular economy approach to waste processing should be the main focus of all waste operations. Following years of investment in purpose build machinery and development of new processes and products, we have created a seamless system of work at ensures all tyres we collect or accept are completely recycled which includes the rubber, fibre and steel.

Our process has evolved over years to ensure we can provide the best service to all our clients and customers providing recycled products of the highest quality.

We collect and accept material directly into storage bays on site where initial separation takes place where different tyre types are segregated into each faction and contaminants are removed. A variety of different processes are applied to the infeed material depending on the desired end product. Material can be size reduced into PAS 107 bales in preparation for transport to customers for many different uses. Material can be shredded into a variety of sizes depending on customer specifications. Shred is passed through a series of granulators and magnetic separators to size reduce material from 200mm shred to 0.5mm crumb depending to specific customer specifications. Metal is removed and recycled and textiles and fibre is removed and recycled.